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Jest niezły, lepszy niż kilka innych. Bardzo czytelny. Minusy to brak kolorków i brak możliwości modyfikowania wpisów na GCal z poziomu iPada (chyba, że można tylko ja nie wiem jak).


Świetna aplikacja, szkoda tylko, że nie w pełni przyjmuje zaproszenia z MS:-(


Bardzo mała i blada czcionka utrudnia korzystanie z kalendarza. Aplikacja nie nadaje sie dla osób ze słabym wzrokiem.

iPad 3

Po prostu kalendarz, a nie produkt kalendarzopodobny. Konkurencja daleko w tyle.


Takiego kalendarza potrzebowałam :)

Jak najbardziej ok

Spełnia większość moich wymagań. Brakuje tylko możliwości swobodniejszego manipulowania kolorami wpisów.


świetnie i bezproblemowo synchronizujem google calendar i kalendarz z ipada. Stabilny i w zasadzie bezproblemowy.

New iOS 7 user interface :(

Do momentu aktualizacji byłem bardzo zadowolony. Aplikacja ta była dla mnie alternatywą dla ochydnie wyglądającego kalendarza systemowego :( a teraz bye

Całkiem niezła aplikacja

Aplikacja straciła to co było dla mnie najważniejsze czyli łatwość odczytania nr. tygodnia. Nie wiem dlaczego przesunięto go na pasek górny.

Bardzo dobry, ale nie doskonały.

Jak dla mnie - bardzo dobry i funkcjonalny, dość intuicyjny i przejrzysty. Uzywałem przez 3 lata. Teraz przesiadłem się na kalendarz Jorte, do którego - oprócz zalet wspólnych z CalenMob - przekonały mnie dwie rzeczy: możliwość zaznaczania wykonania zdarzeń (bez usuwania ich z kalendarza) oraz "Diary", czyli rodzaj pamiętnika skojarzonego z kalendarzem. Bo Jorte to też dobry organizer. Ale CalenMob mam nadal, w odwodzie. Polecam. :-)


Z jakiego korzystałem. A próbowałem wielu :)

Najlepszy kalendarz

Najlepiej synchronizuje się z kalendarzem iCloud. Widok jak na kompie! Odpalam i od razu wiem co i kiedy robię. Polecam.

Dobry zamiennik systemowego kalendarza

Dobry zamiennik, polecam wszystkim

Mr M

Najlepszy z dostępnych kalendarzy w rozsądnej cenie. Posiada widok całego miesiąca wraz z wydarzeniami. Ta funkcja mi najbardziej odpowiada. Polecam

Bardzo praktyczny

Bardzo wygodny, praktyczny, używam codziennie


Korzystam od ponad 2 lat, przejrzyście , intuicyjnie i działa rewelacyjnie

Dobry/bardzo dobry

Dużo lepszy i bardziej funkcjonalny od firmowego kalendarza iPhone



Nice small calendar app

Makes it easy to schedule events exactly, good repeat functions.

Nothing Better!

This app does it all, very easy to enter data and have it scheduled to respond to your desired critique (see reminders) and in different ways (email, device notification, etc). It syncs across devices, and its ‘ease of use’ blows my mind, let it blow yours away as well!

UPDATE - Works as of 7/13/18!!!! Does not work on the 2017 iPad or iPhone 8 Plus

I’ve used this app for many years. I can’t get it to work on my new 2017 iPad. It will download, but upon opening it stays open for about 10 seconds and then automatically shuts down. The calendars have not synced. Please help! Edited 6/26/18 - does not work on my new iPhone 8 Plus either. Open the app and it goes to a black screen and shuts down. Too bad. I really liked this app - was probably my most used app for the past 5 years. Using the Google calendar app now.

Tiny Calendar

Integrates perfectly with my iPad and my Android phone! I’ve been using this app for many years now.


Great App

Was better. Current version stuck on default view

2018-07-15 UPDATE: Back to 5 stars. The previous update that caused crashes when I tried to change to a different view other than the default month view has been fixed. My favorite view is the weekly in two columns. This is the closest app to my now defunct DateBook+ on my Palm.

Amazing tool

Great App and an awesome tool, we use it every day for our small business!

Big improvement

I now have this as my primary calendar. It works great and synchronizes with my other Apple devices perfectly.

Great with older iPad & IPhone 4

Great with older iPad & IPhone 4


Keeps crashing when I open it.


I like tiny calendar 😊 but too often it blanks out, my appts disappear and I have to uninstall and reinstall the program, 😏. It syncs again with Google so I don’t lose appts after I reload.

Easy to use!

Awesome app!

Great look and functionality!!!

I really like this app!

Good app



Great way to organize birthdays & other special special occasion days to repeat every year and to color code appointments.

Tiny Calendar

Only calendar that made me give up my paper planner!

Great at keeping calendars from different sources

I use this app to sync over 12 calendars for clients. It does a great job!

Can’t customize

Doesn’t let me customize the colors. My friend has the same app and it lets her. Not sure why it won’t let me. But I hate purple and everything I enter stays purple.

Love it.

Easy to figure out and use.

Tiny Calendar

Recommend, reliable and easy to use, great app!!!

Love it

Love it

Luv it!!!:)

So AWESOME!!! Luv it!!!

Crashes with invites

Great calendar but recently after I submit invites it crashes as soon as I try to save the event.

Great app!

Love this app. I use it to keep my husband and I on the same schedule and we can look at if from our phones, on our computers by logging in to google. It's great! Keeps my busy family schedule organized! There aren't 5 stars only because it takes some time setting up to get it how you like it. There are duplicates that have to be unchecked and would like to see an option to save your favorite home screen vs having to change the view every time. But those are the only negatives and I have used this calendar for about 3 years now.

Alternative to android calendar

I’m a recent convert from the android platform. Unfortunately there aren’t many calendar app options in iOS that provides a view similar to the “mini month” view in the Tiny Calendar app. I chose this app because it was the only one that I found that had such an option. If there are others that are out there I’d be very willing to try them. My one complaint with this app is that the text is very small in the mini month view and it can’t be customized to a larger setting. Check out the android “Business Calendar” app for a far superior experience. I’d love to have that app offered by Apple.


Is it for everything


This little calendar is amazing. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it doesn’t have an Apple Watch app that I can see on the front screen.

Route organization

I run my entire pest control business of this program I would be lost without it best purchase I’ve ever done for the business organization

Best calendar app

Syncs all of my work and personal Gmail calendars right out of the gate.

Love calendar... not upgrades

5 stars for the calendar itself. But each time i update the calendar on my iOS device, it stops syncing with my gmail calendar (which I access from my lap top) The quick fix is to delete the app and re-install it. An extra step and mildly irritating, but really annoying if I’ve forgotten and have to do it AFTER I’ve begun to add items to the calendar on my device. The changes get lost in the deletion and reinstall action (unless I manually add them to my google calendar before I delete and reinstall)


Outstanding app. I use this to see all of my work (Lotus Notes), personal (Google) and kids' (iOS) calendars all in the same place. Color coding that comes in from Google looks great. I can also see imported Google calendars like schools and others to which I subscribe. Haven't seen anything else this comprehensive and easy to use.

Thumbs up!

Works great for school, personal and even school calendars. Also can sync appointments with my wife and business partners to coordinate schedules. Love it!

Update makes this horrible

A pretty good app til the latest update. We use it for business, coordinating construction and service calls. Now we are looking for a new app, as the update here makes setting appointment times frustrating. Unless you now scroll through in a certain sequence, it will alter your previously set appointment time. The lack of scroll wheel was a great feature on the older versions, and was one of the things that helped it stand out from a lot of other calendar apps. Now it looks like other apps and performs way worse.

Great app

Thus far this has been a great app for keeping track of all things we have to do. Syncs perfectly with our home and phone calendars. It is worth the cost

Great app

I've tried a ton of calendar apps but I keep coming back to this one. Simple with a ton of view options. I know I will get good performance and or won't crash when I need it.

Steven K

Generally reliable calendar app with one aggravating issue, as yet unresolved. Once I enter a future event, more than three months in advance, and later try to return to view that same later month, the app crashes and closes itself. For example, I enter an event in December 2018, save it, and close the app. The next day (or so) when I try to review appointments for December 2018, the system crashes and throws me out. Aggravating! This situation has happened before, and then presumably fixed, and the app worked fine. Recently, however, the above problem has recurred again and not yet resolved!

Opens crashes opens ... stays open?

After the last update this calendar has a mind of its own. It opens and then crashes immediately. It’s annoying and I’m not sure what it’s doing with regards to syncing. I waited a good long time until reviewing as I assumed the developer would be right on it fixing this problem. Nope. The calendar has been very good till now. If not fixed ASAP tho I have to find another app I can use for work. Frustrating to say the least.

Good one

Much better than default


Nice to see all info at first glance. Easy to load data.

Need search capability

Needs some work when deleting repeated appointments. Works well 95% of the time. Occasionally have to delete app and reinstall to clear cache and resync with google correctly.

Crashes after upgrade to iOS 11

Was working well, after upgrade to iOS 11 on iPad, crashes when starts


Need a text notification

Schedule Genius

I love this app. because it helps my entire family be in sync with everything that is going on. We can all see the schedule and know what we have available.


Good integration directly with google calendar. Slow load time when you launch the app. Sometimes takes a bit for a new invitation to show up.

Just what I needed

Overall I love this app. It has all the functionality and views I want and consistently syncs to my gmail calendar. I love the monthly view that actually shows the entries. I had a few problems with adding attendees and the app crashing but their support was fantastic and they got everything working for me with minimal effort. I would definitely recommend!!! 👍👍

My new calendar program

Tiny calendar is probably worth the $6.99 that I paid for it. I haven't used it for too long, but it seems to link with the standard Apple calendar quite well. The handiest part, for me at least, is the ability to share calendars with my family. We use the "family calendar " if we want to share a scheduled event. Otherwise I can schedule the event on my own calendar. No crashes have been noted so far.

This app is great.

The best app I know of to keep a journal like calendar. It also lets you set many notifications on the device or your email. The tech support team is superbly responsive. In one sentence they helped me clear some spam from my calendar that was caused by allowing email invites. Now I can use my calendar again. I’m on an iPad right now or I would leave a much longer review!

Been working

Still testing

Great app

I love this user-friendly app. I prefer it to my Google calendar.

It works okay

When I go back to edit an event that was created, it crashes after I go to save it. I don’t know if my edits were saved until I go back into it to check (and they do get saved , but this is annoying). Take the time to test it out before rolling it out.

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