Tiny Calendar Pro App Reviews

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Good calendar, would like more features

I like it, I use it mainly for a daily/weekly to-do lists. would like to see a few additional features like being able to move items by touch from one day to another on my iPad. Different colors for items like red for important things to-do, green not so important, etc. Also, adding a check mark would be nice so I can remember/document items done or completed.


Used the free version for several months before purchasing. Definitely glad I bought it!

Great Calendar!

Syncs perfectly!


After sunrise folded I switched to this app. Its great.

Mostly good but...

Paid for the Pro version to improve sync with Google. Unable to add an event Title when putting in a new event - no way to reach support for the problem - a Pro version should at least offer some support.


This is the second time Tiny Calendar had lost all my events. One morning my future life was erased... Im back to hard copy paper calendars. Au revoir Tiny Calendar!!


No complaints or issues yet. Easy to use

Great Calendar App!

This is a great calendar app!

Great family app!

This is a great app and worth $6.99 for the full version. Both my husband and I can update it so we always know what plans we have. Its super easy to use and you can assign colors to multiple people so at a quick glance you know what kid has practice, etc.

Great App!

I wanted an app that I could easily sync all my google and other calendars all in one place. This is perfect for what I need. I can easily view all my calendars and events for my personal and work related stuff. Thanks!


Every time I open the app, it attempts to sync the calendar and crashes. Whats the point of having an app that I have to open 2-3 times before it works? What a waste of $7. Big mistake buying this.

Amazingly Astonishing

This utter amazement, its even better than the calendar on the iPhone

Tiny but Big Help

The iPhone calendar is ok. This is perfect calendar for all my needs. I love it

Pretty good app for the cost.

I use this app a lot. Sometimes it gets pretty good G and will shut off and expectedly or not sink while. Then you just have to reinstall the app

Catch up

This could be a great app. Address needs a favorite option or at least remember commonly used places better. The icon needs to reflect current date; not just as a badge icon. To those of us that use those badges as message alerts or to do reminders, its out of place and annoying. If Apple can do it, get it done.

Great app!

When the Sunrise calendar app was bought out by Microsoft I despaired. I need to look at a month view, not just a week at a time. Then I found Tiny. Its only flaw is that it may be named wrong because its huge in my book! Well worth the price I would say.


Onde oficial the bests in his class

Best Calendar App for the iPhone and better on the iPad


Perfect !!

Just what I needed to help me monitor bill due dates. Nothing fancy but enough to help me color code and repeat entries. I like it!

Good Program

It works well for me. I had this program for a couple of ears and I love it. I like their new time/date picker. I like the new UI and its still a reliable tool.

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